Air Conditioning – Absolutely Necessary in Texas

When thinking of reasons for buying an air conditioner, there are some that may not immediately come to mind. People’s opinions about the importance of Air Conditioning can range from it being a nice convenience to an absolute necessity. But in reality there are some very compelling arguments why air conditioning is an important thing to consider for your home. For example, have you ever been in a stuffy house or a room where you felt like you weren’t able to breathe as easily, or possibly the air was foul and unpleasant? This is what happens when air stagnates and does not circulate. That air you are breathing, isn’t the best for you!

You might think, that opening the window could cure that, and you’d be right. But opening the window lets all the pollutants and contaminants in the outside air, as well as pollen and dust into your room as well. For those sensitive to allergies, that’s not a great solution. You see, air conditioners, do more than mere fans, or breezes through an open window, although who among us would deny the peaceful image of a lightly rippling window curtain as the air current serenely blows through a sunlit room? The fact is, the healthful benefits of an air conditioner are in its circulation and filtration capabilities, in addition to its obvious cooling benefits. The cycling and expulsion of stagnant air and the re-entry of cleaner, recirculated air into a room is actually good for you!

Of course there are cooling benefits. If you live in an area prone to heat and high temperatures, air conditioning is comfortable, and helps people manage their days better. If there are elderly, they can be more prone to heat exhaustion or dehydration from too hot a room. Every year we hear about the unfortunate seniors who fall victim to sudden or extended heat waves, due to no air conditioning.

If you are a human being, you create heat. Machines create heat, as do appliances. Even in moderate climates, heat can build up in a room quickly during the warmer months, where opening a window will allow in humidity, noise and other undesirables. How many times have you opened up a window, and still “felt hot”? Usually the best time to open a window, is in the early mornings BEFORE it gets hot, or in the cool of the evenings as the sun is just starting to disappear. But what about for the rest of the day? Air conditioners constantly remove heat – heat that you and I and all the things we use, be it a laptop or a television, that creates the heat, not to mention what our good old sun contributes!

An air conditioner can certainly provide comfort, but that’s definitely not the last word. The benefits of filtration and circulation, mitigation of health hazards to the elderly. That’s all well and good, but what if you’re a business? Your customers need air conditioning! Have you ever been in a store where the air conditioner had gone out? The people there weren’t very happy were they? The uncomfortable heat can influence if a customer returns or not, at least in the near future.

In short, the benefits of Air Conditioning certainly outlast the perceived negatives of it. One of which is, the cost of running them. The truth is more environmentally friendly “green” units are out there than ever before. Coupled with smart thermostats, just about anyone can afford to reasonably live and work in comfortable temperatures.

It is clear that air conditioning is with us to stay, and we have covered just a few of the compelling reasons to have one. I cannot imagine enduring a hot, humid Texas summer without one! In my world, they fall into the category of “”!

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